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Friends of Narberth history
Friends of Narberth History
Views of Narberth Past

Edward Forsythe house, 1897

Image source: S. F. Hotchkin, Rural Pennsylvania in the Vicinity of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, George W. Jacobs & Co., 1897), p. 67; collection of the Lower Merion Historical Society

Addresses in view: 208 Wayne Ave., 210 Wayne Ave., 200 Sabine Ave.

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint

This view, published in 1897, shows Price Avenue in the foreground. The house is still standing in 2018, although by 1919 houses had been constructed between it and Price and the house itself had been subdivided into a twin with entrances moved to its former rear as 208 and 210 Wayne Avenue.

A three-story twin house, first story stone, white frame above.
The Forsythe house April 1, 2018, from Wayne Avenue. 213 Price Avenue is behind. Notice the different placement of the front doors, revealing that these are not exact twins.

Hotchkin (1897):

On the brow of the hill due north of Narberth Station, facing the valley which extends far to the southwest, commanding a fine view of the same, is the home of Mr. Edward Forsythe. Its southern exposure secures not only a delightful view but enjoys the winter sun, as well as the prevailing southwestern breezes of the summer.

The ground, comprising three acres, was purchased of the Price estate, this estate having acquired title direct from William Penn. The house was built by the present owner in 1890, the first story being constructed of gray stone quarried in the neighborhood: the second story is of frame. The architect who planned the same was Mr. Charles W. Bolton, of Philadelphia.