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Views of Narberth Past

A Dwelling at Elm Station, Pa., 1893

Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition.

Image source: Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition (New York, Munn and Co., June 1893), page 76 (description), page 77 (photo, floor plans)

Addresses in view: 125 Windsor Ave., 123 Windsor Ave.

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint

Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition (June 1893)

First and second floor plans for 125 Windsor, Narberth

We publish a wood and stone dwelling on page 23, which has been erected for Messrs. Lowry & Goodman, at Narberth, Pa., and from plans prepared by the proprietors. The design has a pleasant piazza, balcony, bay window, and lookout. The first story and balustrade to piazza is built of rock-faced Chestnut Hill granite. Second story is covered with shingles, and painted light olive green, with darker trimmings. Roof shingled and painted red. Dimensions: Front, 29 ft. 6 in.; side, 41 ft., not including front piazza. Height of ceilings: Cellar, 7 ft.; first story, 10 ft.; second, 9 ft.; third, 8 ft. 6 in. The interior is trimmed with white pine. The doors and windows have heavy moulded casings. Hall contains an ornamental staircase turned out of oak. It has a carved newel and a window seat at first landing. Parlor, library, and dining-room are finished natural. The apartments are separated by double sliding doors. Library has an open fireplace furnished with tiles, and oak mantel with mirror. Dining-room has a bay window with a paneled divan. Butler's pantry is fitted up with drawers, shelves, and cupboards. Kitchen and laundry are wainscoted, and are furnished replete. There are five bedrooms and bathroom on second floor, and two bedrooms and trunk room on third floor. Bathroom is wainscoted. Cemented cellar contains furnace and other necessary apartments. Estimated cost, $5,000 complete.

Our engraving was reproduced direct from a photograph of the building taken specially for the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.