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Views of Narberth Past

The Arcade Building, about 1914

Image source: Postcard by Philip H. Moore, Photographer and Publisher, 6646 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, No.1116; collection of David M. Lockwood.

Addresses in view: 201 Haverford Ave. (†1940), 203 Haverford Ave. (†1940), 205 Haverford Ave., 207 Haverford Ave., 209 Haverford Ave., Former Narberth post office (†1953), 204 Haverford Ave. (†1967)

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint
3 Jun 2017

The Arcade Building was built before 1900. In this image, it contains Ricklin's Hardware, the Arcade Theatre (Narberth's first) and a real estate office above the theatre. After a 1940 fire destroyed the western two-thirds of the building, Ricklin's was rebuilt as it appears in 2017. The structure on the right is probably the back of Narberth's post office at the time.

Hyman Ricklin began his hardware business in 1913 out of a pushcart, and later moved it into the Arcade building. Ricklin's Hardware in Narberth marks 100th year (Main Line Times, June 27, 2013)

The two copies of the card in this collection are postmarked November 1914 and March 1917.