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Views of Narberth Past

Baptist Church of the Evangel, 1897

Image source: S. F. Hotchkin, Rural Pennsylvania in the Vicinity of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, George W. Jacobs & Co., 1897), p. 55; collection of the Lower Merion Historical Society

Addresses in view: 198 Elmwood Ave. (†2023), Water Tower (†1919)

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint

Hotchkin (1897):

The Baptist Church of the Evangel is located on the high ground just south of the railroad, at the corner of Narberth and Elmwood Avenues. It is a fine edifice of gray stone, well appointed for aggressive work. Services were begun in A. D. 1890, resulting in the organization of a mission in the following year. In November, 1893, it was recognized as an independent church. All branches of church activity and benevolence have been vigorously pushed forward. The Bible School is already pressing for larger accommodations. This church has formed a centre round which a congenial company of prominent Baptists have gathered, making no small inducement for those of this faith to make this their home.

"Baptist Church of the Evangel Has Passed Its 34th Anniversary", Our Town, January 28, 1928, page 5

Our Borough, A 50th anniversary report 1945:

Plans for the establishment of a Baptist Church in the community, then called Elm, were made at a meeting at the home of the Rev. Thomas C. Trotter, Sr., in May, 1891. The cornerstone of the original church building on Elmwood Avenue near Narberth Avenue was laid in the Fall of that year and the church was formally opened April 14, 1892. It served the congregation until 1923 when the present church auditorium was erected at the corner of Narberth and Elmwood Avenues adjoining the original structure. The new auditorium and educational building was dedicated in November, 1924, when the Rev. Robert E. Keighton became minister. He served until 1944, being succeeded by the Rev. Robert G. Middleton.