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Views of Narberth Past

Woodland Scene, about 1910

Image source: Postcard by Philip H. Moore, Photographer and Publisher, 6646 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, No.1122; collection of the Lower Merion Historical Society

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint
10 Mar 2019

"Woodland scene" shows a free-flowing creek with the railroad elevation west of Narberth station in the background. The height of the embankment and the state of development in the 1907 - 1920s timeframe when photographer Philip Moore was active places its location at the Wynnewood Rd./Wynnewood Ave. (western) end of the train embankment.

Is it north or south of the tracks? Because the stream appears to flow downhill away from the tracks, we think the photographer was positioned at Elmwood avenue, where we see the bend in the direction depicted. This area was not developed until after the 1914 Historical Pageant, and is still open enough today, apart from the channelization of Indian Creek, to re-create the bucolic setting.

The postcard belonged to Victoria Donohoe, and is now in the Lower Merion Historical Society.