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Views of Narberth Past

Elm Terrace new construction, about 1915

Image source: owner of 205 Elm Terrace

Addresses in view: 201 Elm Ter., 203 Elm Ter., 205 Elm Ter., 207 Elm Ter., 1104 Montgomery Ave.

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint
23 Nov 2017

A pair of newly constructed twins which first appeared on the 1913 map of Narberth. The photo's inscription reads "Elm Terrace from Essex av Narberth Pa. Built by Alex Chambley #243 So 10 St. Phila." Alexander Chambley lived at 108 Grayling at the time.

small newspaper ad with photo of twin house

Philadelphia Inquirer, April 9, 1911

Narberth, Pa.
Main Line Penna. Railroad
Essex and Elm Terrace.
Price $3800
Steam Heat
Contain all modern conveniences.
Hardwood Finish, Kitchen Cabinet, Combination Coal and Gas Range
Alex. Chambley
Owner and Builder
243 South Tenth Street, Philadelphia