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Views of Narberth Past

Price house, about 1910

Image source: Postcard by The Hugh C. Leighton Co., Portland, Me. No. 5508; Collection of the Lower Merion Historical Society

Addresses in view: 714 Montgomery Ave.

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint
7 Jul 2019

The Price House at 714 Montgomery was built by Joseph Price for his cousin Reese Price in 1803,  so it's one of the oldest buildings in Narberth. Even more significant is what happened here. "Edward R. Price, whose family had arrived on Narberth's land in the first wave of Welsh Quaker immigration (1682), was born in this Price house, lived all his life in it and died in it. And inasmuch as this devout Quaker farmer in 1881 founded the town of Elm that became Narberth, this house can be considered Narberth's birthplace, because the idea and plans for establishing Elm as a town took shape in it." —Victoria Donohoe, Narberth—A History

"Historic Price House": the 45-star flag infers a date between 1896 (Utah) and 1907 (Oklahoma). Postcard by The World Postcard Co., Philadelphia, collection of David M. Lockwood

After Edward Price's death in 1887, the house built for his grandfather remained part of his estate, which over the next thirty years was parcelled out to become the town of Narberth. By 1920, Price's house with a little over one acre came into the possesion of John A. Mowrer, a general contractor. It was owned 1959–2022 by Lankenau Hospital as the Hamper Shop, a consignment and thrift store.

In 1998 the Lower Merion Historical Society erected a historic marker in the Montgomery Avenue right-of-way commemorating Joseph Price.


  1. Joseph Price wrote several diary entries on the house's construction, including June 25, 1803: "…at Rees Price to Breakfast, & Raising the Rafters of the new house by the road, we had above 20 hands, Owen & Jonathan Jones, & Thomas Addams Presedent Adams Son" [Thomas Adams, son of former President John Adams]

    We're not sure whom the postcard's title "The Fisher House" refers to. Return