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Views of Narberth Past

Libertyville smithy, about 1950

Image source: Collection of the Lower Merion Historical Society

Addresses in view: 1256 Montgomery Ave.

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint

This was the last blacksmith shop standing in Narberth. Although it hadn't operated since the 1910s, it was razed in the 1970s, along with other Libertyville landmarks, for the development of Hansen Court. The "Indian Spring", source of the East branch of Indian Creek, was behind it.

Narberth's last blacksmith shop standing to the left of an 18th century Libertyville house
Libertyville May 1966; next to the former smithy is a Libertyville house still standing in 2022 as 29 Hansen Court. Photo: Ted Goldsborough, Lower Merion Historical Society

The General Wayne Smithy, shop of Narberth's last working blacksmith, was demolished in 1930.