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1,467 current properties in the borough, and 90 no longer extant properties for which we can identify census records are profiled.

map of red and blue dots representing 1,467 buildings in Narberth
1,467 buildings that are standing gone

Every item and piece of data we have on each property and its main buildings will be cross-referenced. Going forward we will add more past buildings and possibly other points of interest.

How are the timelines determined?

The timeline tracks a property's lifespan from year built through year demolished, if applicable. It includes records of address changes, which makes it possible to locate addresses that were later renumbered. It is based on:

In addition, we consulted other primary sources to establish timeline years:

Later accounts of Narberth's past, such as Narberth's Historical Prelude by Carden F. Warner, the Narberth chapter of Montgomery County, The Second Hundred Years by Victoria Donohoe, and others in our Narberth Sources section have refined many dates.

For all that, we must issue this disclaimer: All of these sources are incomplete and subject to human error and interpretation. Years may be approximate.

Please help make these dates as accurate as possible

If you can correct any inaccuracy, message us or post on our Facebook page. Thank you!

About the U. S. Census records

The every-ten-years United States census offers a trove of details about individuals. They are incomplete and subject to enumerator error. They are handwritten, so open to interpretation. Nevertheless, the chief inspiration that launched Narberth Addresses may have been the availability of these records online:

We imported partial transcriptions from, made corrections based on other sources, especially contemporary maps, and transcribed additional categories of interest, for example home ownership and the professions and trades. Each household entry is linked to an online facsimile of the original document at FamilySearch, which requires a free account for access.

To protect individual privacy, the enumerations are released by the Department of Commerce 72 years after the census date. We started with 1900, 1910 and 1920. We plan to import and transcribe 1930 and 1940 in due course, and 1950, which arrives April 2022. 1890, a truly seminal moment in local history, was destroyed by fire in 1926, so sadly must remain unavailable.

Narberth Streets—A Chronology

Modern nameOpened by
Montgomery Avenue1600
Haverford Avenue1700Haverford and Merion Ave through 1920 map
N. Wynnewood Avenue1871
Rockland Avenue1877Read a brief history of Rockland Ave.
N. Narberth Avenue1877Named Old Gulf Rd until ca. 1889
E. Wynnewood Road1879
Price Avenue1881
Windsor Avenue1888
Iona Avenue1888
Hampden Avenue1888
Grayling Avenue1888
Forrest Avenue1888Spelled Forrest or Forest?
N. Essex Avenue1888
Dudley Avenue1888
Conway Avenue1888
S. Essex Avenue1889Named Thomas Ave. on 1896 map
Elmwood Avenue1889
S. Narberth Avenue1889
Woodside Avenue1889
Woodbine Avenue1893
Sabine Avenue1893
Maple Avenue1893Named Readrah Ave. on 1896 map
Elm Terrace1896
Station Circle1896Not named prior to the 1990s.
Wayne Avenue1900
Merion Avenue1900
Grove Place1900
Chestnut Avenue1900Named Hillslope Ave. on 1896 map.
Meeting House Lane1913
Stuart Avenue1913
Narbrook Park1915
Wynnewood Court1919
Williams Avenue1919
Stepney Place1919
Shirley Road1919
Wynnedale Road1926
Shirley Circle1926
Shady Lane1926
Lantwyn Lane1926
Homewood Avenue1926
Berkley Road1926
Beechwood Lane1926
Barrie Road1926
Brynwood Manor1927
Langdon Lane1946Previously the property of Langdon Lee.
Country Lane1953
Narwyn Lane1960
Wynnedale Circle1970
Hansen Court1976The neighborhood had previously been Hansen's Nurseries.
Foxhall Lane1985