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Views of Narberth Past

Patriotic decorations, about 1922

Image source: Collection of Michael Alexander

Addresses in view: 246 Haverford Ave.

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint
13 Feb 2017

This Haverford Avenue building was constructed in the 1894 as a rival firehouse to the one at Elm Hall, around the corner on Forrest, complete with a bell and a lookout tower. C. P. Cook acquired the buildling in 1906, along with most of the block.


This photograph had previously been dated, incorrectly, as belonging to one of Narberth's two World War I patriotic events, the Patriotic Fete of September 27-28, 1918, or the Welcome Home parade of October 25, 1919. But an Our Town story "Remodeling of Old Firehouse Recalls Interesting History" of October 9, 1926 identifies the occupancy of J. A. Miller and James R. Cole, whose names are shown on the marquee, as 1921-26.

The lookout remained on the building until at least until September 23, 1939 but not later than June 6, 1948, based on two aerial photos.

Almost a century later, this building houses "Twice As Nice" on its first floor and "Howard Gordon Photography" on its second. 2022 update: GET Café is on the first floor.