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Views of Narberth Past

Oldest house in Narberth, 1911

Image source: Collection of the Lower Merion Historical Society

Addresses in view: 610 Shady Ln.

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint
19 Mar 2022

Description by Victoria Donohoe:

Oldest house in Narberth, now called #610 Shady Lane, includes "Log Cabin" at right (with corner fireplaces along north wall).

Mr. and Mrs. John Kernan and their three daughters (baby Ellen, Helen, Anna) and a friend, June 25th, 1911. John Kernan bred trotting horses here on his farm, including the world trotting record holder "Margaret Dillon".

Courtesy Mr. and Mrs. William Hunter Boardman. The original is inscribed "June 25, 1911". This copy negative is in the collection of Victoria Donohoe.