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Views of Narberth Past

Downtown from the tracks, about 1898

Image source: Collection of the Lower Merion Historical Society

Addresses in view: 100 Forrest Ave. (†1936), 204 Haverford Ave. (†1967), 226 Haverford Ave., 101 Forrest Ave. (†1908), 104 Forrest Ave., 106 Forrest Ave., 207 Haverford Ave.

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint
30 Mar 2018

This is roughly the same view as Narberth station, looking west (published in 1897), one or two years later. We see the same railroad signal tower and the same tree, but now the large twin house at 222-224 Haverford Avenue has appeared. Its western half, adjacent to Station Circle, was replaced in 1926 by the former Narberth Pharmacy. Its eastern half, intact in 2018, is plainly visible from the street, though enveloped and obscured by later construction. In the contemporary re-creation, you might just make out its dormer peak and the chimney and second floor of its back rooms above and to the left of the gray building. The curving rail siding that today is the upper level of the parking lot is visible in the foreground, and the Arcade Building or business block can be seen to the right of the tower.

The sign reads "Houses for Sale. Steam Heat, Pure Water, Electric Light, Perfect Drainage, All Conveniences. Apply to JB Clothier Owner, Narberth"

clear view of building with half replacement on right, addition on left
224 Haverford Avenue half of the original twin, surrounded by later construction. Photo: George Lonsdorf (1 April 2018)