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Views of Narberth Past

A Stable at Elm Station, Pa., 1893

Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition.

Image source: Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition (New York, Munn and Co., April 1893), page 46 (description), page 51 (photo, floor plan)

Addresses in view: 102 S. Essex Ave., 117 Woodside Ave., 125 Woodside Ave.

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint
1 Dec 2018

Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition (April 1893)

Ground Plan. Carriage room, stable with 4 stalls, a covered way and a pit.

We present on page 51 a stable erected for Grove Locher, Esq., at Elm Station, and from plans prepared by the proprietor. Dimensions: Front, 33 ft.; side, 31 ft., not including pit. The building has a good foundation of stone, while the first story is built of rock-faced Chestnut Hill granite laid up in red mortar; second story shingled and painted yellow with bottle-green trimmings. Roof covered with slate. Carriage room, 14 ft. x 30 ft., is well lighted, and it is provided with a carriage wash connected with drain, and a harness closet inclosed with glass doors. Stable contains four stalls and staircase tosecond floor. The stalls are furnished with the usual ornamental iron trimmings complete. Stable is supplied with water. The walls and ceilings throughout are ceiled up with narrow beaded yellow pine, with a finish in hard oil. Second floor contains two bedrooms and ample storage. The stable was built by days' work at a cost of $2,245. It could be erected for much less by contract.

Our engraving was made direct from a photograph of the building, taken specially for the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.