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Views of Narberth Past
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Welcome Home—Red Cross, 1919

Image source: Keystone Photo Studios, 817 S. Broad, Philadelphia; collection of the Lower Merion Historical Society, from Victoria Donohoe.

Addresses in view: 2 Narbrook Park, 4 Narbrook Park

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint
25 Oct 2019

On October 25, 1919 Narberth hosted a parade, reception, dinner and dance to honor her returning service men who had served in 1917-18. Keystone Photo Studios, known for group panoramas, photographed "pictures of the soldiers and sailors in one group and the Red Cross workers in another, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and several views of the main streets in the town."

cloth bandage rolled up, fastened with a safety pin
World War I bandage produced by the Narberth Red Cross. Courtesy Peggy Hartzell

The Narberth branch of the Red Cross was led by Edith Stites (large "X" on her uniform). They worked out of the Y.M.C.A. building, producing bandages and packs, knitting wool into scarfs, sweaters, socks or wristlets for the soldiers and collecting clothing for distribution to European victims of the war. Our Town reported a membership of 1,125 on December 27, 1917.

Naming the Red Cross workers

This photo came from the collection of Victoria Donohoe, now preserved at the Lower Merion Historical Society. Accompanying it was a name key in Vicky's handwriting. Using census and other records, we have been able to correct several spellings and add first names.

soldiers and sailors in uniform standing in front of 202 Dudley
Soldiers and sailors photo