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Views of Narberth Past
On porch of 202 Dudley: Keim family Dave Odell Henry Howes Hugh McQuiston Bjarne Knutzen Thomas Knutzen Robert Mueller J. GordonWilson JohnMowrer GeorgeMarkle RolandHowenstein HowardHamer Jr. EdEnsinger FrankVallette JohnLacey ? Joe Light Sgt. IrvinWard LenNicholson Sgt. WalterMiesen GeorgeFleck ? Edward J.Donohue Merritt R.Sperry GeorgeCummer HerbCowin Lt.CalebTaylor DonTrotter JackTrotter ? 1st Lt.S. Robert Ross 1st Lt.LewPeebles Lt.NewtCompton 1st Lt.GeorgeMcKaig Lt.EarlDickie Lt. Col.Isidore Miller HarrySimpson MajorEdwin A. Jones--> GeorgeSmith Capt.Clarence T. Faries Sgt. Joe Dold Charles Schmidt Leslie Smith Sgt. Lester Bowman Sam McQuiston Chester Jones Bill Durbin Sgt. Edwin Wipf Alvin C. Artman Andrew A. Baker Sgt. Winthrop B. Derby Daniel Lacey Horace Smedley Sgt. Charles Ensinger Alfred L. Cutts ? Walter Cowin Jr. Sherman Lillard Frank Winne Sgt. George Shinn ? Sgt. Tom Kerrigan J. Lewis Jenkins Nelson Ensinger Bill Byrnes

Welcome Home, 1919

Image source: Keystone Photo Studios, 817 S. Broad, Philadelphia; collection of the Lower Merion Historical Society, from Victoria Donohoe.

Addresses in view: 200 Dudley Ave., 202 Dudley Ave., 116 Dudley Ave., 210 Dudley Ave., 129 Conway Ave., 131 Conway Ave., 203 Conway Ave., 207 Conway Ave., 211 Conway Ave., 212 Dudley Ave., 214 Dudley Ave., 216 Dudley Ave.

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint
25 Oct 2019
The Welcome Home parade route, from the entrance to Narbrook Park to Forrest and Haverford, was approximately 1¼ miles/2 km. Note: the arrow marks the direction the photographer was facing, not the direction of the parade route.

On October 25, 1919 Narberth hosted a parade, reception, dinner and dance to honor her returning service men who had served in 1917-18.

The date was squeezed amid an outpouring of observances and remembrances. The Narberth post of the recently founded American Legion formed on September 26. Ardmore's Welcome Home was held the previous Saturday, October 18, itself postponed to avoid Pennsylvania's October 11 "Victory Day". In announcing the date, Narberth's Soldiers' and Sailors' Reception and Memorial Committee pleaded "It is to be hoped that other organizations will not arrange conflicting dates, as the committee has practically no choice in selecting this day."

Our Town reported that 85 uniformed veterans of the "Civil War, Indian War, Spanish War and World War" marched in the parade. "A photographer took pictures of the soldiers and sailors in one group and the Red Cross workers in another, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and several views of the main streets in the town. These are exhibited in the window at Smith's drug store and can be bought at a fair price."

Naming the soldiers and sailors

You can see this photograph at Narberth's American Legion Post. Our copy came from the collection of Victoria Donohoe, now preserved at the Lower Merion Historical Society. Accompanying it was a name key "supplied by Matt Callahan to J. R. Keim". Callahan is either the father or son who lived at 109 Conway in 1919. Jonathan Keim is the 6 or 7-year-old boy standing with his family on the porch of 202 Dudley, the right half of the house in the background. Using census and other records, we have been able to correct several spellings and add missing first names.

women and girls pose in Red Cross uniforms
Red Cross workers photo