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Views of Narberth Past

A Pennsylvania Cottage, 1891

Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition.

Image source: Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition (New York, Munn and Co., June 1891), page 81 (description), page 87 (photo, floor plans)

Addresses in view: 125 Woodside Ave.

modern view of the historical image seen from the same viewpoint
22 Nov 2018

Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition (June 1891)

Caption: A Pennsylvania Cottage. - See page 81.

Our engraving, page 87, illustrates a tower house recently erected for Mr. C. W. Macfarlane, at Elm Station, Pa. Dimensions: Front 28 ft., side 40 ft. 6 in., not including piazza. Height of ceilings: Cellar 7 ft., first story 9 ft. 6 in., second 9 ft, third 8 ft. 6 in. Underpinning and first story built of rock-faced fieldstone laid up at random. Second story covered with shingles, painted red. Roof covered with Bangor slate. The rooms are all good sized, and each is connected with hall. The trim throughout is of white pine, finished natural with hard oil. Hall contains an ornamental staircase turned out of ash. Fireplace in library is furnished with a tiled hearth and a hardwood mantel. Rear stairs are private to second floor. Kitchen, laundry, and pantry are wainscoted and fitted up replete with all the necessary appointments. Second floor contains four bed rooms and bath room. Bathroom is wainscoted and fitted up in a first class manner. Three bed rooms and store room on third floor. Cemented cellar contains furnace and other necessary apartments. Cost $4,600 complete. The proprietor, Mr. Macfarlane, was the architect. Our engraving was made direct from a photograph of the building specially taken for the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN.

C. W. Macfarlane developed the neighborhood south of Elm Station 1889-1893 as builder and architect. He used this turret design for four houses. In the other three, at 114 Woodside, 107 Woodside and 116 Elmwood, he placed the turret on the left side of the house.

four late Victorian houses, all with turrets
L to R: 125 Woodside, 114 Woodside, 107 Woodside, 116 Elmwood in 2019