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Friends of Narberth history
Friends of Narberth History
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Edmund Lee Goldsborough, Jr.


U. S. Census

Census AgeRaceGenderMaritalRelationAddressImmigratedBirthplaceFather'sMother'sAs transcribedNote
194036WhiteMaleMarriedHead9 Narbrook ParkWashington DCEdmund Goldsborough 9 Narbrook
195047WhiteMaleMarriedHead9 Narbrook ParkWashington D.C.E Lee Goldsborough9 Narbrook Drexel Univ., then still D Inst. Tech?

Census Households

Census Name Relation Age Own Race Marital Birthplace Business Trade Note
1940Edmund Lee Goldsborough, Jr.Head36OwnWhiteMarriedWashington DCPrivate CollegeEnglish Teacher
Jane Reid GoldsboroughWife29WhiteMarriedPennsylvania
Jean Lee GoldsboroughDaughter4WhiteSinglePennsylvania
Edmund Lee Goldsborough, IIISon0WhiteSinglePennsylvania
Rebecca CooperMaid40NegroSingleWest Virginia
1950Edmund Lee Goldsborough, Jr.Head47WhiteMarriedWashington D.C.CollegeTeacherDrexel Univ., then still D Inst. Tech?
Jane Reid GoldsboroughWife39WhiteMarriedPennsylvania
Jean Lee GoldsboroughDaughter14WhiteNeverPennsylvania
Edmund Lee Goldsborough, IIISon10WhiteNeverPennsylvania
young man in dress military uniform holding his hat, white gloves and a pointing stick
E. Lee Goldsborough, Jr. taught English at Valley Forge Military Academy, 1933-37

My dad was born June 25, 1903, in Washington, DC. He and Mom married August 1, 1933, in Oil City, PA. She was 23. They lived in a two-story apartment, still standing, on West Wayne Ave. in Wayne, PA. In the fall of 1933, Dad began teaching English at Valley Forge Military Academy, when he was 30.

There's a JOKE about me and this military uniform: When I was a kid about 1945 in Narberth School, many of the fathers of my classmates were in WW II. I had seen my father's military uniform in our attic, so I assumed he was in the military. When asked by my classmates if he was, I replied, "Yes, at Valley Forge."

No one laughed, they didn't know. The teacher who overheard this did not correct me, but told Mother. They got a good laugh!

E. Lee Goldsborough, III (Ted), 20 March 2023

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