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Narberth Addresses

916 Montgomery Avenue†

Google streetview closest to the address location


1919Built by
1927 Address changed from 43 Montgomery Ave.2248
1980 Building no longer standing†

Years may be approximate. Where do we get these years?

Also at this address: 916 Montgomery (1984 - )

U. S. Census

Census Name Relation Age Own Race Marital Birthplace Business Trade Note
1920Otto H VoightHead36OwnWhiteMarriedBavariaMerchant TailorDesigner
Emily VoightWife33WhiteMarriedEngland
Ethel A VoightDaughter4WhiteSingleIndiana
Charlotte J VoightDaughter2WhiteSinglePennsylvania
William Cyril Bunce VoightSon1WhiteSinglePennsylvania
1930Otto H VoightHead46OwnWhiteMarriedBavariaTailoringDesigner
Emily VoightWife43WhiteMarriedEngland
Ethel A VoightDaughter14WhiteSingleIndiana
Charlotte J VoightDaughter13WhiteSinglePennsylvania
William Cyril Bunce VoightSon11WhiteSinglePennsylvania
John Henry Bunce VoightSon9WhiteSinglePennsylvania
Hugo VoightSon6WhiteSinglePennsylvania
1940Otto H VoightHead55OwnWhiteMarriedBavariaRetail Custom ShopDesigner of Men's Clothes
Emily VoightWife52WhiteMarriedEnglandOwn HomeHousekeeper
John Henry Bunce VoightSon18WhiteSinglePennsylvania
William Cyril Bunce VoightSon21WhiteMarriedPennsylvaniaPrivate RestaurantSoda Clerk
Margaret C Voight Daughter-in-law25WhiteMarriedPennsylvaniaRetail Drug StoreWaitress

No census records found 1900 - 1940.

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916 Montgomery Avenue real estate listing, 1972