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Friends of Narberth history
Friends of Narberth History
Narberth Addresses

910 Montgomery Avenue†

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1919Built by
1927Address changed from 39 Montgomery Ave.
1980Building no longer standing†

Years may be approximate. Where do we get these years?

U. S. Census

Census Name Relation Age Own Race Marital Birthplace Business Trade Apt # Note
1920James G FooteHead36RentWhiteMarriedPennsylvaniaSteelSalesman
Charlotte FooteWife32WhiteMarriedPennsylvania
Jones W FooteSon14WhiteSinglePennsylvania
Robert S FooteSon10WhiteSinglePennsylvania
1930Frank ShellerHead69RentWhiteMarriedPennsylvaniaCarpenter
Sarah ShellerWife52WhiteMarriedPennsylvania
Henry F ShellerSon25WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaCarpenter
Caroline ShellerDaughter19WhiteSinglePennsylvania
1940Harry C BechtelHead70RentWhiteMarriedOhioPennsylvania railroadRetired Accountant
Isabelle BechtelWife70WhiteMarriedKentuckyOwn HomeHousekeeper
Clyde A JonesNephew29WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaPrivate BusinessGardener
1950David NichollHead57WhiteMarriedIrelandDepartment StoreWatchman
Mary NichollWife50WhiteMarriedIreland
Leon NichollSon15WhiteNeverPennsylvania
Anna CollakeDaughter23WhiteSeparatedPennsylvaniaPaper MfgClerkvacant house 311 Price
Karen CollakeGranddaughter2WhiteNeverPennsylvania

No census records found 1900–1950.

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Main Line Board of Realtors listings 1949-90

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910 Montgomery Avenue real estate listing, 1958