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Narberth Addresses

728 Montgomery Avenue†

Google streetview closest to the address location


1919Built by
1927 Address changed from 212 Montgomery Ave.2255
1975 Building no longer standing†

Years may be approximate. Where do we get these years?

Also at this address: 728 Montgomery (1982 - )

U. S. Census

Census Name Relation Age Own Race Marital Birthplace Business Trade Note
1920Theodore SanbornHead35RentWhiteMarriedMinnesotaLocomotiveEngineer
Florence E SanbornWife35WhiteMarriedPennsylvania
George R PowellBoarder24WhiteSingleEnglandRoller BearingsMachinist
1930Patrick McCourtHead50OwnWhiteMarriedNorthern IrelandLight HaulingDriver
Mary McCourtWife43WhiteMarriedIrish Free State
Joseph McCourtSon26WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaNurseryChauffeur
Anna McCourtDaughter22WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaRetail GroceryClerk
Catharine McCourtDaughter21WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaBell Co.Operator
Mary McCourtDaughter18WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaPrivate familyServant
Margeret McCourtDaughter14WhiteSinglePennsylvania
James McCourtSon12WhiteSinglePennsylvania
Thomas McCourtSon11WhiteSinglePennsylvania
1940Russel M Shinn Head42OwnWhiteMarriedPennsylvaniaPrivate BusinessLandscape Contractor
Emma Shinn Wife39WhiteMarriedPennsylvaniaRetail FlowersSales lady
Marguerita Shinn Daughter18WhiteSinglePennsylvania
Russel M Shinn Jr.Son16WhiteSingleNew Jersey

No census records found 1900 - 1940.

Other resident listings

1946Russel M Shinn Jr.Narberth Roll of Honor

Main Line Board of Realtors listings 1949-90

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728 Montgomery Avenue real estate listing, 1962