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Friends of Narberth history
Friends of Narberth History
Narberth Addresses

107 Forrest Avenue†

Elm Hall

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1899Built by (source: Our Town, Nov 12, 1914)
1965Building no longer standing†

Years may be approximate. Where do we get these years?

Served as Narberth Fire Dept. and Borough Hall

Also at this address: 107 Forrest (1965–)

U. S. Census

Census Name Relation Age Own Race Marital Birthplace Business Trade Apt # Note
1910Henry AllenHead43RentBlackMarriedNew YorkOdd jobsLaborer
1920Samuel WylieHead56RentWhiteSinglePennsylvaniaOdd JobsLaborer

No census records found 1900–1950.

Other resident listings

Main Line Board of Realtors listings 1949-90

About these listings

107 Forrest Avenue real estate listing, 1961

Views of Narberth Past

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