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Friends of Narberth history
Friends of Narberth History
Narberth Addresses

100 Forrest Avenue†

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1888Built by (source: Our Town, April 24, 1936)
1936Building no longer standing†

Years may be approximate. Where do we get these years?

2 other properties with this address:
100 Forrest (2023–)
100 Forrest (1936–2021)

U. S. Census

Census Name Relation Age Own Race Marital Birthplace Business Trade Apt # Note
1900William L OwensHead59OwnWhiteMarriedMarylandPlumber
Anna M OwensWife55WhiteMarriedPennsylvania
1910William L OwensHead69OwnWhiteMarriedMarylandon Income
Anna M OwensWife64WhiteMarriedPennsylvania
1920Harry B WallHead49OwnWhiteMarriedPennsylvaniaPlumbingOwn Shop
Louise WallWife42WhiteMarriedPennsylvania
Ernestine WallDaughter5WhiteSinglePennsylvania
Ernestine A BertschSister-in-law46WhiteSinglePennsylvania
Bessie FletcherBoarder30WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaDepartment StoreSalesgirl
1930Harry B WallHead59OwnWhiteMarriedPennsylvaniaPlumber
Louise WallWife53WhiteMarriedPennsylvania
Ernestine A BertschSister-in-law58WhiteSinglePennsylvania
Ernestine WallDaughter15WhiteSinglePennsylvania

No census records found 1900–1950.

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