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Friends of Narberth history
Friends of Narberth History
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100 N. Essex Avenue

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1925Built by

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2-story brick building with pedimented entrance on corner small green booklet
National Bank of Narberth, 1943; bank book belonging to Alice Callahan, 109 Conway, in use 1955–57. 2¾×¾" Courtesy Murray Callahan

Late in 1924 the Comptroller of the Currency approved the organization of the Narberth National Bank, sponsored and financed largely by Narberth citizens. Hugh Brown, a prominent Narberth resident and a member of Borough Council, was the first president. Carl Metzger, Sr., a coal merchant and later Chairman of the bank and Burgess of Narberth, was one of 11 directors.

The original capitalization was $75,000, a modest beginning. Victor Abel, a Narberth Park resident, was selected as the architect for the new bank building.

Merion Title and Trust, Narberth's first bank, failed to survive the banking crisis of the early 1930s. The Narberth National Bank, after a reorganization, continued to grow and serve, now the only area bank, under the new name of National Bank of Narberth. In 1957, a merger was effected with Girard Trust Bank of Philadelphia. The Narberth office became headquarters of the Main Line division of Girard, led by Carl Metzger, Jr., executive head of the Narberth bank at the time of the merger. — Written by William Scudder Davis, April 29th, 1980

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