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Friends of Narberth history
Friends of Narberth History
Narberth Addresses

102 Dudley Avenue†

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1900Built by
1982Building no longer standing†

Years may be approximate. Where do we get these years?

Also at this address: 102 Dudley (1982–)

They loved the house so much, they bought it 20 years after they moved out

John and Agnes Cooney purchased 102 Dudley in 1942 (Montgomery County Deed Book 1447, Page 275).

John and Agnes (née Small) were my paternal grandparents, son John was my uncle, and son Edwin X. was my father. My father is not listed in the 1950 census as he was already married and lived with his wife, my mother Marie M. Cooney, in Philadelphia and then King of Prussia. My parents, Ed and Marie, moved into this house in 1959 with their 4 daughters from their house in King of Prussia. A fifth daughter was born in 1963 while we lived in the house.

Funny thing is that Agnes Small, paternal grandmother, lived in this house during the 1910 and 1920 census! I did not know this until recently. I guess she really loved this house and had her husband John purchase it!

The Mrs. Cooney listed on the MLS was my mother, Marie Margaret Cooney. She sold it in 1974. We didn't move far, just one block over to Conway Ave.

It was a great house to grow up in, one block to town, one block to the wonderful Narberth playground. Now it's a bunch of condos.

—Joan [Cooney] Wensel, 25 February 2023

U. S. Census

Census Name Relation Age Own Race Marital Birthplace Business Trade Apt # Note
1910John SmallHead54RentWhiteMarriedIrelandRailroadForeman
Mary SmallWife47WhiteMarriedIreland
Mary A SmallDaughter26WhiteSinglePennsylvania
John F SmallSon25WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaNewspaperSolicitor
Elizabeth SmallDaughter22WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaTelephoneClerk
Bernard A SmallSon18WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaTelephoneOperator
Thomas A SmallSon16WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaGrocery StoreClerk
Helen I SmallDaughter14WhiteSinglePennsylvania
Agnes M SmallDaughter11WhiteSinglePennsylvania
1920Mary SmallHead56RentWhiteWidowedIreland
Elizabeth SmallDaughter34WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaTelephoneOperator
Bernard A SmallSon27WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaRailroadTelegraph operator
Agnes M SmallDaughter21WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaTelephoneOperator
1930Raymond BlydenburghHead34RentWhiteMarriedNew JerseyElectric RailroadElec. Engineer
Ruth M BlydenburghWife36WhiteMarriedDelaware
Raymond R BlydenburghSon8WhiteSinglePennsylvania
Margaret J BlydenburghDaughter3WhiteSinglePennsylvania
Louella M MooreSister-in-law28WhiteSinglePennsylvaniaPublic SchoolTeacher
1940Charles LeechHead51RentWhiteMarriedPennsylvania
Margaret LeechWife47WhiteMarriedIndianaSteam RailroadJunior Executive
John LeechSon23WhiteSingleNew Jersey
Nojes LeechSon18WhiteSinglePennsylvania
David LeechSon16WhiteSinglePennsylvania
1950John J CooneyHead52WhiteMarriedPennsylvaniaRailroadPassenger Brakeman
Agnes CooneyWife52WhiteMarriedPennsylvania
John Aloysius CooneySon27WhiteNeverPennsylvaniaRailroadFireman

No census records found 1900–1950.

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1944John Aloysius CooneyNarberth Roll of Honor

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102 Dudley Avenue real estate listing, 1974